Arron Walker's Nature and Macro Photography

Misty Forest
Bluebell flowers with a be infront of them, shallow depth of field

Cinnabar Moth

Such an elegant, colourful moth! I have been trying to capture a macro shot of one of these for awhile, they are very quick and scare easily, so I wasn't able to get close enough until recently.

Edited in Adobe Light Room, Desktop.

Bluebell flowers with a be infront of them, shallow depth of field

Bluebells and Bees

Taken on my favourite, the Canon 55mm 1.8, and edited in Lightroom. I toned down the vivid oranges and made the purple pop out a bit. I also improved the lighting to make it even more exciting.

Edited in Adobe Light Room, Mobile.

Snail on spikey leaves and bush

Prickly Predicament

I took this photo on a walk with my family and dogs in the nearby woodland. My parents walk that way often, they mentioned how much more you see when you’re taking the time to look for photo opportunities. It’s one of my favourite things about photography, you really do learn to live in the moment.

Beautiful pink flower, photography

Petals of Pink

I logged into Lightroom recently, and to my surpise this photo had been featured, with 1.5k likes. Very pleased that so many people enjoyed this picture.

Edited in Adobe Light Room, Mobile.

Beautiful purple flower with blurry background on summer day

Purple Flowers

I love the buttery bokeh you get with the 50mm.
Edited in Adobe Light Room, Mobile.

orange thorny branches contrast against the green vines and leaves

Thorny Vines

A bit more abstract than usual! The contrast between those oranges and greens really works in this photo.

lots of caterpillars crowd together on a nettle


I have never seen so many together before, I think these caterpillars in this photo turn into Peacock Butterflys

Taken with a 50mm lens, with the Raynox DCR 250 attachment so I can take close up photos.

Rocks with huge leaves growing between them

Rockin' the Greens

The textures and shadows on the rocks and the giant leaves really make this shot for me.

Long grass with moody colours

Long grass

I purchased a new lens for my camera, its an 85mm prime lens, which I wanted so that I could really nail that nice out-of-focus background, this is the first picture I took with it. It really does live up to it's name of being the Bokeh King.

Yellow and black striped caterpillar on a bright yellow flower

Striped Caterpillar

This one was actually taken in my backgarden, I used the new 85mm lens, with the Raynox attachment.

Two sheid bugs follow each other on a leaf

Sheild Bug

Apparently there are 44 species of shield bug in the UK alone, I don't see these brown ones as often. They almost look like they're made out of sand.

Bee on a leaf surrounded by vines

Bee and Vines

If you haven't noticed already, I have a thing for the combination of yellow and green, as well as the nice blurry background of course.

Ladybird emerges from former self as a larva

Ladybird Love

This ladybird has just emerged from its larva shell. They are definitely more photogenic as a Ladybird!

Pictures of a forest hike

Sucha Bela, Slovakia

The best hike of my life, and made for some great photography too! Check out more photos by clicking see more below.

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Ladybug, on a green leaf

Ladybird Macro

Best thing about photographing ladybirds? They're nice and slow, and don't often fly off! Great subject to practice Macro Photography on [...]

Edited in Adobe Light Room, Mobile.

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Photograph of a Lake in Nuuksio, Espoo, Finland

Nuuksio, Finland

One of my favourite photos from my trip to Nuuksio, a stunning National Park in Espoo, Finland.

Taken on an iPhone 8 and edited in Adobe Light Room, Mobile.

Shy looking Honey Bee hiding behind flowers

Wasp 0 Spider 1

Super unlucky wasp, I actually took this years ago. Back when I first got my camera in 2012. I felt like this picture deserved its moment in the spotlight, so here it is.

Edited in Adobe Light Room, Mobile.

Horse Fly on green, bramble bush


I’m still not actually sure what this is, I thought maybe a Bee or Horsefly at first, but the eyes are wrong. Anyway I’ve dubbed it a Sci-fly because it looks like it’s wearing armour from Sci-fi games I’ve played.

Edited in Adobe Light Room, Mobile.

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